Monday, April 7, 2008

First blog . . .

All right already - I have a blog. Please stop asking me to create one. Yes I am a tech geek and yes I work in the IT world, but for goodness sakes . . . do I REALLY have to give in to every tech trend? I guess so because here I am.

By day I am an IT manager, by night a pro audio guy. Two people - same body - one mind . . . I'm going nuts now I suppose. On top of all that 24/7 I'm a Christian, husband and dad. Oh and I have a dog.

I serve on the sound team at
my church and so I guess I'll post things about that here also.

Who knows what I'll do with this blog or if I'll ever come back . . .

1 comment:

Jason said...

WOOHOO! First post, first comment. I'm so excited. Time to share the world old friend.

BTW, welcome to the Internet. Twitter is next!