Monday, April 14, 2008

The Jesus agenda . . .

I came across this website today and am starting to listen to this audio series. It is called The Gathering Way. I've just listened to the first one and am very intrigued by their website and approach. I'll post more comments as I get further into the series.

Here is the quote from the website that got me interested: “We give out of our lives to advance the Jesus agenda., to create solutions and systems. We’re not going to cuss and fuss about what’s wrong with the world, we’re going to be what’s right with it, to glorify God and advance the good, motivated by love and desire to be waymakers and a crazy, dangerous, uncivilized, risk-taking movement, whose mission is the fueling and funding of a global revolution aimed at the radical reclamation of the human heart, driven by a relentless, passionate pursuit of the Divine Scandal - namely, that every life matters to God. No other world view or ideology that can say that.”

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