Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gotta love me . . .

My love/hate relationship with Vista has taken a turn towards the hate side. Vista has started to remind me of Baby Sinclair from the Dinosaurs show that was on ABC back in the early 90s. Baby Sinclair had two phrases he was famous for saying: “Not the momma!” and “I’m the Baby, gotta love me”.

Friday afternoon at 3:12 PM Vista hard-locked right after I rendered the video in the previous post. My only option was to pull the power plug. When I turned the workstation back on it told me that Vista was unable to load and displayed a generic stop code. I tried safe-mode and got the same result.

Fortunately I purchased a Lenovo workstation and it has excellent tools to get my files back. I hooked a USB hard drive to the thing and selected my desktop files to get the video I had just rendered. Everything else of importance is on a server so I was safe there. But I’m still down – and apparently going to have to reload the OS plus all my applications. Yuck. That’ll take most of Monday.

While I was driving home Friday it hit me. Vista is like that annoying little baby from the Dinosaurs TV show. He was demanding, self-indulgent, demanded things his way, and threw a fit if things were not exactly the way he wanted them. All the while he was being cute, cuddly and funny. Vista is cute – I’ll give it that. Cuddly – maybe. I don’t know that I’d call it funny – but it can be entertaining. Maybe the joke is on me for even thinking about trying to use it in the enterprise – and maybe somewhere a Microsoft engineer is laughing his butt off every time someone calls in with that generic, unhelpful stop code asking for help. So maybe it is funny – just not to me. Anyway . . .

If Vista could talk it would be saying, “Not Poppa Bill!” and “I’m the savior, gotta love me”. It is annoying, demanding, wants things it’s way, and is pretty much worthless in a business situation as far as I am concerned. My license agreement with Microsoft allows me to put
XP on any machine that I purchase that has a Vista license so I guess I will be doing that for the foreseeable future.

On Monday I’ll be upgrading my workstation from Vista to XP before I reload my apps. After that I’ll do my laptop next. Vista is not ready for prime time and I'm done with it.

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