Saturday, May 17, 2008

Latest Meru plan . . .

Here is the plan (as it stands right now) for the Meru deployment. This gives me two seperate providers for Internet access (Comcast and AT&T). I'll get two DSL modems and four cable modems initially. Initial bandwidth will be 76 MB down and 10 MB up. This design allows for up to 15 seperate high-speed modems to be connected so there is a lot of room to grow if needed. These will be fed through three switches then to an Astrocom ISP load balancer. A layer three switch on the inside will handle basic routing of Meru control packets, the RADIUS authentication and Internet traffic from the Meru access points out to the Internet.

We are meeting early Monday afternoon to get this project rolling. Ty and Justin (guys on my team) helped tons in getting this project planned. I'm looking forward to getting it under way.

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