Saturday, May 3, 2008

Latest time-lapse . . .

Here is the latest time-lapse video I have from the Greenbrier Ridge expansion.

The camera has been up for about 8 weeks now. Unfortunately the vast majority of the construction action is taking place to the right of the spot I have in frame. They are suppose to starting digging in frame this next week so things should finally start to get interesting. It will be cool to watch this building go up.

About the most interesting thing going now is watching the leaves come out. I thought about getting a yard gnome and putting it in the lower part of what is in frame and going over there once a day and moving him about 6 inches. Over the course of the project he would appear to walk across the ground. I would do it but I'm sure they would run over it with a tractor or he would get jacked.

The music is from Digital Juice, the camera package is from Harbortronics, and I edit it all in Sony Vegas Pro. I have the camera set to take a picture once every 15 minutes. Each picture last for 2 frames. This video has 1,144 still pictures in it.

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