Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To finish well we need to remember that we are blessed . . .

This is point five of eight. You can read points one, two, three and four by clicking on these numbers. This is taken from a sermon Rocky taught a few weeks ago. The points are his – the screw ups mine. The material was just too good to not pass along.

To finish well I need to remember that I am blessed. God is the source of my time, my abilities and all my resources. I am very blessed. I have a great wife. I have outstanding kids. I live in a good neighborhood. I attend a great church. I work at an amazing Christian company. Looking back over my life and into those times that were rough – I was really being blessed through those times too - even when I could not see it. God’s hand was at work in my life. He ordered the road ahead of me. I don’t expect life to always be so rosy – but I do need to always be thankful for what I have and remember the source.

So how do I roll this point into leadership? I think one of my jobs is to help my team keep this in mind. Instead of me taking credit for some project going great I need to acknowledge that God’s hand helped us get it done. Instead of me taking credit for giving them a raise I need to defer that glory to God. It is easy as a leader to get caught up in myself – they are doing great because of me - because of MY leadership . . . right. My employees are doing great because of Him. All they have comes from Him. I’m just a hindrance to Him if left to my natural self. I need to stay out of the way of the Father and allow them to see that anything good that comes from me to them is REALLY from God to them.

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