Friday, May 23, 2008

To finish well we need to remember what we are here for . . .

Half way! This is post four of eight. I’m completely ripping off my pastor’s sermon for this series of post. You can watch him speak about all of the points for yourself by clicking here. It was a great sermon.

The forth point in the series is to remember what I am here for. I am to know God in my relationship with Him. I am to reveal God to a lost world with my character. I am to serve God with my gifts. When I am doing these three things it helps to give me purpose and purpose helps keep me on track.

I lead best when I am remembering this point. The folks that I lead are here for relationship for God. They are here to reveal him with their character. They are to serve him with their gifts. I need to always be leading by example first and then helping my folks to do these things for themselves second. When I foster a work environment where my team can grow in their gifts it helps them to realize why they are here.

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