Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To finish well we need to remember where we come from . . .

This is the first post of eight. I’m totally ripping off my pastor’s sermon a couple of weeks ago. It was so good – I’ve thought a lot about it since. He was speaking to all believers but I think the points are especially true for leaders. You can watch the sermon for yourself by clicking here.

The first point he made in finishing well is to remember where we come from. We began as a dream in the heart of God. The God of everything, the God that holds our entire universe in the palm of his hand dreamed of me and you. His dream for me was the one day I would become a technology guru. He dreamed I would be a leader. He dreamed I would be a father.

The times in my life that I have fallen the hardest have been when I did not keep these things in mind. When I remember that I am a child of the King I am reminded of my value. My worth. My purpose. When I forget - or choose to ignore - disaster strikes and the devil gets a foothold.

As a leader when I forget where I come from I lead poorly. Not only does it effect the way I view myself but it also effects the way I view my team members. If I forget that I began as a dream in the heart of God then the extension of that is that I forget that they began that way too. When this happens I stop treating them like they are God's dream and I start treating them like they are mine. The result is that I get short, impatient, or worse. For me to lead well I must remember where I come from.

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