Thursday, May 29, 2008

To finish well we need to remember where we now live . . .

Hey! 2 more to go. This is point 6 of 8 in the finishing well series that Rocky did a while back. The points are his. I liked the sermon so much that I felt I should pass the points along and I also want to relate them to leadership.

To finish well I need to remember where I now live. This world is cursed and broken. Bad things happen. Good people get hurt. Bad people seem to go unpunished. Crap happens. Through all of this I must always view the circumstances I am in through the window of God's character. I must avoid viewing God's character based on my circumstances. Those last two sentences are a paraphrase of something Rocky said during the service. When I remember where I live I have clarity. When I forget things get muddy.

I work in information technology. Anyone that has used information technology products for more than a couple of weeks can testify that we live in a broken, cursed world. When leading my team through our daily work I need to remind them that sometimes things just break or don't work. Sometimes there is no explanation. I need to help them see that in spite of what is happening around us that God is good, holy, just, and never changes. I need to live out the bible verse, ". . . God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God . . ."

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