Friday, June 6, 2008

Destiny . . .

Today we had our senior manager retreat at work. It was awesome. I am so blessed to work along side the people at Empire. The president of our company is a believer. The entire senior management team are believers.

The company has a strong culture against Christian dualism. Many (most) companies require you to check your Christianity at the door. Lots of churches require you to leave your business life at work and even teach that unless you are feeding the poor, helping the elderly, etc. you are not ministering. The teaching is more of an implied thing than a directly spoken thing but it is there none-the-less. There is a misconception that ministry and business are two separate things and shouldn't be mixed - that is dualism.

The term Incarnatus rings true at Empire . . . one manager put it this way, "God with skin on", when he was talking about how he is trying to lead his team. Working at Empire is a lot like working for a healthy church. I am rarely in a meeting that a prayer, scripture, or talking about furthering the kingdom is not brought up. Empire is as much about reaching people for Jesus as it is making a profit. Which gets me to my point . . .

For years I have wanted to do church work. I have wanted to do work that helps people know Jesus. It just has not worked out. In part to some bonehead things I've done with my life but also because God just hadn't opened up the opportunity. Nearly five years ago I came to work for Empire. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew a bunch of people I went to church with worked there - I knew a lot of Christians worked there. I didn't know how serious they were about NOT leaving Jesus at the church on Sunday. God knew my heart, He knew my skills/gifts and He placed me exactly where he wanted me and the result is awesome.

Drew Sutherland is one of our project managers. Drew had this to say, "It is OK if this is my destiny." He had been talking about the realization he has come to that it is OK that his work at Empire is his ministry, his place to serve. I have been in that same boat too. When it came time for me to speak I repeated what Drew had said but changed it just a bit, "It is OK if this is my destiny, not just OK but downright cool." Praise God for putting me in a place that is making a significant impact on kingdom building.

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