Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get that sound thing going right . . .

My sons band Weird Like Me participated in a battle of the bands yesterday. The boys just keep getting better and better and did a great show - maybe their best yet. They didn't win but it was a good experience for them.

The sound for the event sucked like a hoover. The boys ask me to try and talk the sound company into letting me mix. I tried but the FOH guy wouldn't let me do it. I think he genuinely thought the mix was ok. From what I could hear he is profoundly deaf to all frequencies below 300 Hz and most between 300 Hz and 1k Hz. Pretty much the mix consisted of all kick and bass with a dash of vocals and a touch of guitars. It would have been a simple fix - all he had to do was pull back the kick and the bass and push the rest of the mix up - tada - instant decent sound.

I wish I could cut the guy some slack but his equipment was good enough to get a decent sound. Oddly enough I heard this same guy mix about a year ago and it was much better on crappier equipment. Maybe he has blown his ears in the last 12 months.

Anyway . . . maybe I'm just being an old fart sound guy picking on this 20 something that is still trying to cut his teeth. There defiantly was a time I wouldn't have done it any better and for his age he is way ahead of where I was back then.

Did I mention this sound company is very proud of their Cerwin-Vega subs? Personally I thought they stank but it could have been the way the whole thing got tuned.

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