Saturday, June 28, 2008

Symantec Backup Exec . . .

This past week I spent in training on the Symantec Backup Exec product. I've used it for about five years now but have had no formal training on the product - only self taught. One of the things I try to always do in my environment is do things in a way that is standards or best practices based. So I took the class to make sure I am in line with what Symantec recommends as well as my peers.

Here is some of what I learned:

1) I need to use policies and selection lists more. It would make doing daily, weekly and monthly backup sets easier and more consistent.
2) I should probably do a monthly backup-to-disk to a large hard drive with all my data and and add that to my off-site storage we already stored in our Atlanta office. I can pick up a 1TB USB drive for under $200 and purchase them monthly as I need them. Right now I'm backing up a total of about 800GB.
3) The new version (12) of Backup Exec is the best so far. It has better reporting, the user interface is better, and they have made the Exchange and SQL agents better.

I'm running on version 10d right now and plan to upgrade to version 12 in late July.

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