Thursday, June 5, 2008

To finish well we need to remember what we are capable of . . .

So this is point seven of eight. This is a lesson Rocky taught at church a few weeks back. Good stuff. The previous six points are available by clicking on the "finishing well" label to the lower right.

Point seven says that to finish well I need to remember what I am capable of doing. This is a biggy. I need to always remember that I am capable of great sin and that self-confidence is my worst enemy. A number of years ago I spent some time with a counselor (a lot actually - I'm a little slow sometimes). She taught me this same principle. As soon as I say, "I'll never do that ______ (fill in any sin)", I have brought myself closer to doing it. Greater/better men than me have fallen. Rocky also said that remembering what I am capable of doing also gives me boundaries.

Of course I want to fold this point into leadership. This one is hard for me. I'm certainly open to ideas. How do I teach this to my folks? I think my best shot at this is to just be real, create an environment where my team is safe, and help watch out for road blocks I may see in their lives. I had a team member once that had a drinking problem. I saw all the signs and when I tried to talk to him about it he completely denied he had a problem. It finally got so bad that he ended up quiting to avoid being fired. I guess all I can do is - pray, talk and lead well.

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