Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I really knew God . . .

Something that my pastor said when he was speaking Sunday prompted this thought in my head, "If I really knew God . . . would I continue to do the things I do?"

I'm not just talking about things that are sinful, but other things too. Like would I stay in this job? What would have I had for lunch today? Would I live where I do now? Would I watch as much TV (or would I watch more - yeah right)? Could I look at myself in the mirror? How much time would I spend with my wife? How would I handle conflict with my kids? What would I think about when I am alone and driving home from work? Would I even be able to pick myself up from the ground?

The answer for that last question for me is probably not. I really think that if I knew God, knew Him fully, and fully understood Him that it would become impossible for me to function in this broken world and in this broken body. I would probably just lay on the ground before him crying. I'm not talking about feeling unforgiven, I'm talking about the comparison I would immediately make between a wholly perfect God and my broken sinful flesh. Does that make sense?

I know the answer is that my mind can never really and truly know God fully - at least while I am here on this planet and in this flesh. I'm going out on a limb since I have no scripture to base this on, but keeping us simple minded may be another extension of grace on His part so we (me) can go about our daily lives and not be laying on the ground sniveling.

Since I can never fully know Him here, I can know Him as well as He made me to understand Him. I can know what the bible says about Him and I can know His son Jesus in the same way. So in knowing Him in just the simple way that I do . . . I need to evaluate my life . . . what needs to be cleaned out and what needs to be added as I continue this journey?

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leann said...

It's nice to know that you are thinking about God that deeply. He has great plans for you, don't forget. love you !!!!!!