Friday, July 11, 2008

It all broke at once . . .

1) Weedeater.
2) Riding Lawnmower.
3) Central AC System.

My father-in-law fixed the weedeater and got our push mower tuned up for use again (much to my boys dismay). The riding mower has a bad transmission and will cost $$$ to fix - so it will have to wait (again much to my boys dismay) and I think the AC will finally be fixed tomorrow AM.

Lessons I've learned from this:

1) Make sure your emergency fund actually has money in it.
2) Make sure the boys are well fed and watered so they can push mow without passing out.
3) Find out how much sleep the AC repair guy got the night before he diagnoses my problem the first time.
4) Always turn down offers from friends to mow my yard for me. Accepting will prevent character building time with the boys and the push mower.
5) Put the window AC units I bought in storage for the next time since my AC system is old.

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