Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back from Whitestone . . .

Whitestone Inn is a great place to relax and the marriage retreat was a lot of fun. It was lead by Jeff Fray and his wife Gail. A number of years ago they sold everything they had and bought a sail boat and spent 18 months living on it with their three young boys. The lessons they learned have been a launching platform for where God has them now and they used a lot of those lessons to teach at the retreat. Jeff said they are currently working on a book and have a publisher already.

Here are some pictures, this first one is looking out from our porch over to the barn that people drive through when they arrive:

This one is of the chapel and the building to the left is a reception hall called the Lion and the Lamb:

This one is my pretty girl with the farmhouse behind her - we were walking down to breakfast:

And this one is the school house - the room we stayed in is in the rear of it. This is also the Whitestone store and check-in place:

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