Friday, August 22, 2008

Introducing Barracuda Networks Link Balancer . . .

There is a new product from Barracuda Networks. It is called Barracuda Link Balancer 430. They have a 330 model too. The screen shot above is from the 330 model they have up for demo. The product has the ability to load-balance across multiple ISP connections. The 330 model will do three WAN connections and the 430 model will do 6 WAN connections.

We are using this on the Meru Wi-Fi project. I decided against the Astrocom unit because the Barracuda is so easy to use compared to the Astrocom product. The Astrocom has more features and will load balance up to 16 WAN connections but since we just don't need that many we decided that ease of use is more important.

This product is not on Barracuda's website yet. I am getting one of the first ones - they have some deployed in beta already but mine will be one of the first deployed with the production firmware installed. Normally I am not an early adopter of technology in my production environment - I prefer to wait and allow everyone else to work out the bugs. However . . . I have used Barracuda products for years and have a high degree of trust in their products. Also, the demonstration they took me through yesterday was just amazing.

We should have delivery on Monday. We are going to build a lab and begin testing as soon as it arrives. I'll post more after all that.


Kristen said...

Hi Dean,

Please email me at Barracuda Networks would like to thank you for such a great review!

Kristen Laschinger

Ing said...

hey, your system fan is running on 0rpm - Not Good.

Foxymophandle said...

Hrmm.. BBQ-ed Barracuda.. never tried that before.. prolly tastes like.. fish?