Wednesday, August 6, 2008

VMware is good . . .

I've been using VMware for about a week now. Here are my thoughts so far:
  • Super easy to install and use. I installed it in the bare-metal state on the new server I purchased last week.

  • The VMware Converter is a great tool. I have used it to P2V four production servers and V2V two VMs from my Microsoft VS with no problems at all. It works fast too.

  • There really is no comparison between VMware ESX 3.5 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. VMware is much much better. Now I am comparing a free product to an expensive product . . . but they really are very different beast.

  • The only issue I had to research was getting the VMware server to see all of a 2.75TB LUN. What I know now is that VMware has a limit of 2TB. I posted two questions on the VMware Communities forums related to this problem and got the advice I needed within a couple of hours.

  • The user console is very easy to use and logical.

  • I have a total of nine VM guest running right now with plans to add four more.

  • It is amazing how much faster the VMs are booting and running when compared to MS VS 2005. It takes 2 minutes for a VM to boot on the Microsoft product - the VMWare VMs are fully booted in about 30-40 seconds.

  • Working with the virtual networks is very easy and is laid out in a visual way that makes sense.

I should have done this a long time ago.

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