Friday, August 29, 2008

Wahoo . . . and other stuff . . .

Last night I converted my last Microsoft Virtual Server to VMWare. It was my Exchange server. Everything went smooth - albeit long - but no data problems. I ran ISINTEG at the end of the conversion from MS to VMWare just to be sure before I allowed it to start transacting email again.

Today I loaded VMWare ESX on what was my MS VS machine. I'm moving VMs from one to the other now to balance them out. I feel better about having two VMWare servers too so in case of hardware failure on one the other may be able to take over some of the servers.

I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend but I do have to work some. Starting September 1st we are implementing an electronic document retention policy for email. I need to get my email and Enterprise Vault server set to delete all content older than three years at midnight Sunday night and then on Monday I need to confirm it actually worked. Fun.

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