Thursday, September 11, 2008

iPhone . . .

I got my new iPhone today. I'll say this for Apple . . . they really understand how to market their stuff. The packaging the thing came in is well designed and the package is designed to make you feel good about the purchase. I have purchased MANY phones over the years and have never seen packaging material this well thought out. From the nice box to the little grippys to pull all the plastic from everything in the box they nailed it. The packaging is elegant.

I just ported my number over and have the thing syncing with my Exchange server. So far I like it. The one thing I have missed at this point is my Task from Exchange are missing. Alas I may have to figure out how to track them elsewhere. Also, Ty got one too - he is going to miss the Notes.

Our goal over the next month or so is to see what we can do to act like end-users with these phones. I am considering allowing these as an option for use by senior managers from our company but I don't want to deploy them without first seeing how much support they will need and how rugged they are.

Developing . . .

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