Friday, September 5, 2008

Just one of those weeks . . .

I have the blahs and just want to go and hide someplace. We have been working on a software development project now over over a year and it seems every time I think I see the end of this thing something happens that pushes it out. Right now I'm just tired of hearing about it but I have to since I am the project manager. Fortunately my boss seems to be thinking clearer about it than me and made some decisions today that will hopefully get us on a fast track starting Monday. I think my programmer is relieved as well.

The blahs started last weekend when I found out a friend of mine has made some bonehead decisions that have drastically altered his life and hurt others. I'm hurting for the guy. I hope he finds his way back home. I've been in a funk all week thinking about him. Prayer just has not lifted me out of this - I really wish I could do more for him but there is little I can do but pray.

There were some bright spots this week - I'm finished with all my server migrations to VMWare. My Enterprise Vault is updated, and the Meru Project is zipping along nicely. Leann and the kids are all doing well. All in all it was a good week.

Maybe a bubble bath and chocolates will help . . . probably not.

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