Friday, October 17, 2008

Thoughts . . .

The past week has been interesting. I feel an awakening within. God is on the move. I am both excited and afraid - Jehovah-Jireh is starting something in my life and I am not sure where He is taking me. Perhaps just a deeper place with Him . . . maybe more.

I have a new favorite song - see my previous post - it is difficult for me to get through that video without tears forming. I wish it was for sell on iTunes.

At work yesterday they ask the senior management team to spend the first three hours in prayer for our country, our economy, our employees, and our company. The media has been such a drag lately and we have been making contingency plans at work (in case our business drops off) and those together have been depressing. Yesterday was needed. I was not able to do the prayer thing in the morning because of some other commitments so I went home early and went out to the back of my property to spend some time with God. Refreshing.

During that time God put it on my heart to read Psalm 12. I read it in The Message version. It seemed fitting considering the things that are going on with the economy and the elections that are coming up.

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