Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Change in direction . . .

I have written here a few times about a software project we have been developing in-house to help track our construction jobs. We are changing direction. There is a guy (Radu) in Romania that we have used to do our websites and a few other smaller things - we are going to give him a shot at this.

He took a look the project this past weekend and his immediate report back is that the GUI side of things is a mess (which I already knew) and probably not feasible to fix at all. But he does have some hope about being able to use the tables and stored procedures on the SQL server. I certainly hope he can - we have a significant investment in time and cost in the product so far and we still don't have a working version.

The cool thing is he already has some great ideas about how to fix/program the GUI and smooth out the issues we are having. The bad news is he is going to have to hire a SQL guy to help and that may take a few weeks plus we will then have to bring the guy up to speed. So the net result is that this project (which was supposed to be finished in Q1 2008) won't probably be done until Q2 of 2009.

I'm going to have a video conference with him today to hopefully plan out a rough road-map of where we are going. I've worked with Radu in the past on other projects and one of the great things about him is his commitment to excellence and his intuitiveness about the needs of end-users.

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