Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thirty days . . .

My daughter Katie will be getting married in 30 days. We found out last week. She has been engaged to Kyle for about a year and a half. They were going to wait till one of them graduated college but Kyle just found out that he is going to be deployed to Afghanistan in February. He is in the army reserve. They decided to go ahead and git 'er done. I don't blame them. I'd done the same thing at their age.

The planning started in earnest this past Sunday. So far they have the church reserved, we have most of the invitations ready to me mailed, she figured out tonight that her wedding dress has shrunk slightly since it was purchased a year ago and will need to be altered, my wife has 12 new gray hairs, and I am just trying to be the guy in the middle to keep them (wife and daughter) from killing each other. It looks to be a long and interesting 30 days.

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