Monday, December 22, 2008

Are all tree huggers wrong . . .

Are all tree huggers wrong? Good question.

The old saying “nature abhors a vacuum” is true in many ways. When the Church dropped the ball and stopped leading (if we ever did) in the stewarding of our planets resources it opened the door for wackos to take over that role. The problem with wackos (OK harsh word - I know - but true - click here for a definition) leading the way on the environment is they are not following God's direction. They are following their own moral compasses (which are broken by the sin seed that is in us all). Also, since they don't know God then it raises the likelihood of the planet or environmental issues becoming their god or a mini-god.

Does all that make sense?

So what is good stewardship of our resources? I think it means that we do reasonable things to conserve and recycle. I don't think it means we should all be drinking Al Gore's cool-aid and buying into this global warming non-sense. There is plenty of credible evidence out there that shows global warming is a sham. I’ll try to do a decent post on that later and cite credible sources to support my position. I will tease with this statement: IT IS ARROGANT TO BELIEVE THAT HUMANS CAN ACTUALLY PRODUCE ENOUGH CO2 TO EFFECT THE TEMPERATURE OF THE EARTH. GLOBAL COOLING AND WARMING RUN IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO WHAT THE SUN IS DOING – PERIOD.

Reasonable things that we can all do are to install water conserving devices in our homes/businesses, recycle when possible, live a life that is not wasteful, and pray for direction from God. Easy stuff really. There are a few churches that are finally getting it though - Fellowship Church in Knoxville, TN posted a positional paper on their website about "Creation-Care" It is a great read and worth your time to read it. More and more churches across America are catching on to this “Creation-Care” movement and I think that is a good thing.

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