Saturday, December 6, 2008

Exactly one week . . .

Exactly one week from today - from this very minute - my little girl will be walking down the aisle and will take a husband to continue her journey through life. My job with her is finished. It is a bitter sweet thing indeed. I've been Katie's poppa since she was almost two years old. I still remember the first time I fed her junk food (her mom about fainted), when I taught her how to recite ABCs, and taught her how to ride a bike. She is a good girl and I am blessed to have been able to raise her. I am proud of the woman she is becoming and I look forward to welcoming her husband into our family.

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Randy Sartin said...

No Dean, your work is not's just changing. I'm 42 years old and every day I still look to my Dad for advice (well, almost every day).
Thanks for the kind words regarding the photogaphy, I'm pumped about the wedding!