Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best of Managers Retreat (Post Three) . . .

One of the PowerPoint slides Jeff Fray put up had this quote from Steve on it, "Look, I can’t look to Empire for my provision – God is my provider. I just can’t trust Empire for what is God’s place. If our employees trust Empire as their provider they will work in fear (Empire can not be trusted for this), they will be more given to manipulate and compete with each other, and inevitably they will feel under valued and under paid. In this state the team will be all out of rhythm."

When Steve spoke later he restated this point again. He said that often employees will start looking to their employer for their provision and that true provision can only come God. When Empire becomes the employees provision then in effect Empire starts taking the place of God in their lives. This is unhealthy in many ways but it really manifest itself when an employee has to leave the company or starts fearing they will be leaving the company.

Steve spoke about these things: God is sovereign. God is our provision. Don't look to your employer for your provision . . . look to God only. An employer is only the conduit that God is using at that time to provide.

He also taught us that when an employee leaves and then they lash out don't forget these teachings . . . they are lashing out because Empire has in part become their provision and they have stopped relying on God for their provision. He reminded us to not take it personally when this happens and to let the problem be God's and just keep them in prayer. They (and we) need to rely solely on God for provision.

It was good to be reminded of these things.

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