Monday, January 12, 2009

So far so good, but it's not the 20th yet . . .

In eight days we will have a new president. While I don't buy into the fear mongering that went on just before the election - I don't expect great things out of Barack Obama either. Personally, I think at best Obama will be an average president. So far I think Obama has done a better job of appointing cabinet positions than I thought he would (although none I like). I really like the fact that Obama has managed to irritate the left with those appointments . . . just pure fun!

Part of Obama's success so far might be because he seems to be channeling his hero Abraham Lincoln. But the verdict is still out - how will he do long term? Barack Obama has also got some heros that are decidedly Marxist. Regardless he will be the president, and until he is not I am committed to pray for him and for the time being to cut him some slack too.

Since Bill Clinton managed to set the bar as low as you possible can for a president (in probably every way) I don't think Obama has a lot to worry about in being considered the worst ever. OK you could argue that Carter was the worst - but Clinton's ethics push him to the very top of that list even though he did slightly out perform Carter in a few areas.

Oh and before anyone post any comments about me be being a mean spirited Republican - I am not. I am purely a conservative independent. If I had to be anything it might be a Libertarian. I hate their views on drugs, abortion, and foreign policy but since they generally are being intellectually honest it makes sense their positions . . . but those keep me from joining that party too.

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