Friday, January 2, 2009

Work, volunteer, or serve . . .

I've been thinking lately about the differences between working, volunteering, and serving. While there are many similarities there are also some things that definitely set them apart from each other.

WORKING: This is what you do to get paid. This one is done for another persons pleasure and at their direction . . . you have to stick around because you need/want the paycheck.

VOLUNTEERING: This is what you do to get that warm fuzzy feeling. This one is done mostly for your pleasure and you get to walk away whenever you want.

SERVING: This is what you do because God has called you to do it and is often rewarding but also often hard. This one is done because you are serving the King and while it is deeply rewarding it can also be very hard and you stick it out because you are working for your Dad.

I am privileged to be able to work at a place that I get to WORK and SERVE at the same time. I love working at Empire. One of the things that I hope to instill in the folks that work for me is that they can do both too. God has a place for each of us and has created us all with gifts and talents to serve Him.

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