Thursday, January 22, 2009

You can't make this up . . .

I'm not sure which is more funny . . . the fact that the dog has a shrink or that someone was "mauled" by a poodle. It just gets richer when I learn that it is the very liberal former president of France on the receiving end of the "mauling".

I'm not making this up . . . you can read the story for yourself by clicking here.

This dog doesn't need any stinking useless pills . . . all he needs is a few days with Ceasar. But now that I think about it . . . if I was forced to live in France I'd be depressed too. I'm siding with the dog in this case.

The picture is of the former president and his "mauler" riding together in the car . . . looks like they use to have good times.

Life is just weird sometimes.

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