Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally . . . deployed Meru network . . .

We finally got the WiFi network finished at 414 Forest Park. My team had been ready for some time now but we needed to hold off until the lobby level construction was finished. We turned the system on this past Monday. After some significant load test Ty, Justin, and myself are very satisfied with the deployment so far.

We presently are using a Barracuda Link Balancer to connect three cable modems to the network. This is expandable to a total of six Internet connections so we have plenty of room to grow if needed. Right now the cable modems are 16MB down and 2MB up . . . should be a good start. There are about 120 apartments in this building and they will be giving access out to the residents as their leases renew. We will be watching bandwidth usage over the next few months to see how that goes.

On the Meru Networks side - things were pretty much seamless. We have a total of 27 AP 150 access points and are running them with an MC3000 controller. Authentication is handled by a radius server. We are using QOS rules inside the MC3000 to prevent users of the network from seeing each other and our equipment. They only have access to the gateway which is the Barracuda. We are also using the MC3000 to move users to a different VLAN when they authenticate so that our controller and radius server are in a different subnet from them - this is an added precaution and it was probably unnecessary since the QOS rules would cause those packets to be discarded anyway.

Above is a block drawing of our deployment right now. If you click on it you will get a larger image.


Jason said...

Looks great Dean. You are going to have lots of happy clients in there. Save one of the big apartments for me. I'll be back some day. :)

joelvincent said...

Dean - congrats on you install going smoothly! Its nice to see the story of how the network is running is nice and short (i.e. "smoothly" is music to our ears!)