Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally finished . . .

Here is the final product from the time-lapse pictures taken at the Greenbrier Ridge construction site. I've edited them together into a short video. There are 2,375 still pictures that last 2 frames each. I edited those down from 25,406 total pictures taken from the Harbortronics time-lapse package.

All editing was done in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and the music is from Digital Juice. I used the Digital Juice StackTraxx so that I had some control over the music mix. I brought the drums in later and the synth pad too. I wish they gave the entire drum set in tracks but I guess this is significantly better than not having any tracks at all. I've applied compression to everything but the synth and also put a comp on the master channel.

Overall I am fairly pleased with this video. There were just a couple of hiccups. For our first video done in time-lapse I think it went well. Next time we do this I need to make sure that the camera is in full sunlight all day long and I need them to stake out the ground of where the building is going to be so I don't end up with part of it cut off.

Greenbrier Ridge Construction Time Lapse from Dean Cooper on Vimeo.

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