Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UPDATED: Weird Like Me video . . .

Here is an updated version of a video I posted before. This one is cut a bit differently and updated with some cool effects from Red Giant. I purchased Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.2 and ended up spending 12 hours working on this version of the video. Initially I just wanted to play with the effects but after I got into it I realized I could do a lot to make the video more exciting and look less like DV. I used 10 different Looks and added three Sony effects on three of the shots. This one is cut to look more like a music video than the original concert footage I put up before. Oh, and in case you are wondering . . . that is my son Josh on the drums.

UPDATED: Weird Like Me Video from Resurrection 2009 from Dean Cooper on Vimeo.

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