Monday, May 18, 2009

The last mile . . .

In two weeks we will have a finished product with the software we have been developing for internal use. We named the program EPIC. Little did I know how descriptive the name would be of the 2+ year journey we would take in getting a finished/working product. I can't recall any blood but we have definitely had lots of sweat and some tears.

The need for EPIC started when we out grew an Access database that ran with an Excel front-end. We have hundreds (likely thousands) of man hours in getting to this point. I'm very pleased with the way the software looks, feels, and functions. We are using a team of programmers in Romania that have been great to work with.

They started in late January and have been working diligently ever since to get this thing done. I really have enjoyed working with the Tremend programming team and highly recommend them.

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