Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rehash of old post . . .

The Working vs. Volunteering vs. Serving thing has been on my mind again. I really wish I could refine it better than this, but alas the gift of writing is something I struggle to do well (or at all). I originally posted this information back in January. I think what has brought it back to my mind is the video I am working on for church - it is really taking some time to do it well and a couple of times I have just wanted to walk away from it. God has reminded me that I am doing it for Him and to stick it out - this is not volunteer service. The original post was worded a little different and had a couple more things but this is the essence.

WORKING: This is what I do to get paid. This one is done for another persons pleasure and at their direction . . . I have to stick around because I need/want the paycheck. I may enjoy it or I may not but at the end of the day I am there for the check.

VOLUNTEERING: This is what I do to get that warm fuzzy feeling. This one is done mostly for my own pleasure and I get to walk away whenever I want.

SERVING: This is what I do because God has called me to do it and is often rewarding but also often hard. This one is done because I am serving my Father and while it is deeply gratifying it can also be very hard and I stick it out because I am working for my Dad.

My work at Empire has always been a combination of working and serving. I love this place and it is clear that God has put me here to help expand the kingdom.

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