Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some street music for you . . .

Street Music from Dean Cooper on Vimeo.

I saw these guys at Market Square in downtown Knoxville today while shooting video for another project. Their name is Sorry for Nuthin'. They allowed me to video them playing this song. Good stuff.

Video was shot in HDV on a Sony camera, edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8, and video EFX are Magic Bullet Looks. I applied light compression and did some EQ work to the sound track.

I'd love to have had my AKG 414 mics to close mic those instruments but the camera mounted Sennheiser ME66 did a pretty good job.

Towards the end of the song another guy with a guitar walks up, sits down on the ground (off camera) and starts playing with them. You can hear him but I never bring him in frame.

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